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OnePlus Buds Pro are designed to take on higher-end earbuds

OnePlus is upping its earbuds game.

OnePlus' new Buds Pro. 

OnePlus is expanding its line of earbuds. After introducing the OnePlus Buds last year, on Thursday the company revealed the OnePlus Buds Pro, a new higher-end set of earbuds coming this year. 

While the company has yet to announce a price, the new Buds Pro will feature what it calls "adaptive noise cancellation." Using three microphones, OnePlus says that its earbuds can "monitor exterior noises" allowing it to then "intelligently produce noise-canceling counter frequencies." 

The buds will then be able to adjust "how much noise canceling is needed, auto-tuning itself from a minimum of 15 decibels to a maximum of 40db."

Kinder Liu, OnePlus' head of research and development, tells CNET in an email interview that the company was working on the Buds Pro "since last July," and confirms that they are not a result of the recent OnePlus/Oppo integration

"For OnePlus, we always want to create the best user experience possible. Audio devices are a vital part in our users' daily digital life and are key to bringing the digital entertainment experience to the next level," Liu says. 

"The wide range of audio products we created earlier finally prepared us to introduce a truly flagship-level wireless audio device, with active noise cancellation and other top-tier features." 

Liu says that battery life on the Buds Pro with its charging case will be "up to 28 hours" with adaptive noise cancellation enabled, or "up to 38 hours" if it is turned off. You can toggle noise cancellation by holding down on the stem of the left or right earbud, or through the HeyMelody app on Android or iOS. (OnePlus phone users with a "compatible" handset will be able to adjust this feature through a built-in app on their device.)

In addition to the adaptive noise cancellation, OnePlus is also touting the battery charging technology on its new earbuds. Taking advantage of the Warp Charge feature it introduced on its phones, OnePlus claims that a 10-minute wired recharge of the Buds Pro's case will provide 10 hours of battery life. Unlike on its phones, however, you will not be required to use a specific cable or adapter and will be able to use any USB-C cable. 

The charging case can also be recharged wirelessly on any Qi-wireless charger, but not at Warp Charge levels. Instead, it is limited to 2-watt speeds (wired Warp Charging is at 10W).  

CNET has been able to see the new buds, which have a design similar in look and size to Apple's AirPods Pro. Available in matte black, the Buds Pro features a combination of matte and glossy finishes, with the buds themselves being matte and the stems a glossy metallic covering. 

Liu says that OnePlus utilized a "non-conductive vacuum metallization technology" to create this design, with this finishing allowing it to "achieve a metallic appearance on a plastic housing surface." 

"This creates a smooth and shiny metallic finish on the control area of the stem and offers a better operating experience," he says, adding that the "matte texture on the rest of the surface" makes the Buds Pro "less slippery and more sweat- and dust-resistant than glossy metal." 

OnePlus says that it will share more information about the new earbuds at its upcoming launch event on July 22, where it is also set to announce its new Nord 2 phone