OnePlus 6T phone storms in with new 'Thunder Purple' colour scheme

OnePlus tries lightning the mood.


The 6T smartphone from OnePlus has only just been unveiled, but quick as a flash, the company is already here with a limited edition version. The new "Thunder Purple" colour of the phone blends from black to purple "like a thunderstorm on a summer night," explained OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau. 

"We experimented extensively to test how light interacts with the colours in order to give people what might just be our most beautiful design yet." And I may well agree -- it's not a colour scheme I've seen before, and it does look stunning, at least in the photos provided by OnePlus. 


But does this electric phone come with an extra charge? Not at all -- it'll cost exactly the same as any of the other standard colours, so no need to let price cloud your judgement. 

Thunder colour aside, the OnePlus 6T packs cirrus-ly high-end tech, including an in-screen fingerprint scanner, but with a lower price than rival flagships. Weather the new colour helps it hit stratospheric popularity remains to be seen.

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