OnePlus 6 Red edition is coming in July

Because red is the fastest colour, duh.

Mark Serrels Editorial Director
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Mark Serrels

After a successful launch in May, OnePlus is adding red to the 6's colour palette, it announced Sunday

The red OnePlus 6 will only be available with the 128GB storage, 8GB RAM setup, but in all of OnePlus' existing markets. That means the US and UK are covered (for $579 and £519, respectively), but not Australia (US price converts to $785, if you wish to import). 

OnePlus has become known for offering flagship-quality phones for less than the likes of Apple and Samsung. The OnePlus 6, for instance, has the processor, screen and camera of a premium phone, but is several hundred dollars cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S9. CNET's Patrick Holland called it "a terrific phone for everyday use." 

OnePlus has shifted more than one million units of the OnePlus 6 in just 22 days, pretty big numbers for the company. With this new red version, OnePlus has added a "anti-reflective layer" to the six panels of glass that typically make up a OnePlus 6 to create a "sense of depth." 

But, y'know, mainly the red thing.