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5 nifty OnePlus 5 software tricks you can use now

From Reading Mode to screenshots that go on forever, the OnePlus 5 has a new tricks up its sleeve.

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OnePlus' latest OnePlus 5 flagship phone has a lot of new hardware -- including the Snapdragon 835 chipset, a long-lasting battery and rear dual-cameras -- that helps it hold its own against the mighty iPhone 7 Plus and other impressive Android rivals. The combination of hearty hardware with these useful software goodies was good enough to earn an Editor's Choice Award (very few phones do). Read on to see what you can do with the OnePlus 5.

Turn on Reading Mode

To give your eyes a break, there's Reading Mode, which turns text and images from color to black and white. This will pump up the contrast and make words easier to read. In Settings, go to Display and tap Reading Mode. Select the apps you want use in Reading Mode. In my case, I chose apps I read from a lot, like my text messages, the New York Times and of course, CNET's own app.

Now, every time you launch these apps, your phone will switch to Reading Mode. Keep in mind everything turns to black and white, so you'll miss out on any vibrant photos or images. Once you quit the app, your screen will switch back to color.


With Reading Mode, you can settle into your longreads without straining your eyes.

Josh Miller/CNET

Schedule Night Mode

In a similar vein, Night Mode tints your display yellow to make it more comfortable to view your phone in the dark and reduce eye strain. Night Mode, which is available on Android phones and iPhones, is also meant to help you fall asleep (blue light is said to keep you awake longer). Previous OnePlus phones already had this, but now you can schedule it to automatically turn on and off at certain times.

To start, go to Settings. Then Display. Tap Night Mode. From there, choose what time you want it to start. I start turning in around 11PM and wake up at around 7AM. Once you're done setting this up, Night Mode will automatically begin and shut off at those given intervals.

Block notifications while gaming

If notifications put a real cramp on your gaming, you can temporarily suspend notifications so you won't be interrupted. In the settings section called "Advanced", tap "Gaming Do Not Disturb." From there, toggle the switch to block notifications on or off.

 Next, add the games you want to work with this feature. Now, you won't get distracted by pesky notifications that pop up. And when you're done, you can check what you missed in the Notifications menu. Don't worry, emergency calls and alarms will still go through.


Temporarily suspend pesky notifications while you're gaming.

Lynn La/CNET

Expand your screenshots

Expanded screenshots allow you to capture more of the screen than you can see on the display. To start, take a screenshot as usual by pressing the power button and the volume-down button at the same time. Then tap the rectangle icon that appears on the bottom of the screen.

The phone will automatically start scrolling, taking screenshots and stitching them together. When you want it to stop just tap the screen and viola, you have your whole screenshot.

Customize the phone's vibration

One of the most interesting hidden features will let you tweak your phone's vibration pattern to your liking. In Settings, under Sound & Vibration, scroll down to Vibration. From there, tap "Incoming call vibration pattern". You'll be able to choose from such gems as "mm-mm-mm" and "dzzz-da". You can also adjust the strength of your vibration for your calls, notifications and screen taps under "vibration intensity." It's not as advanced as the iPhone's option to create your own custom vibration pattern, but it's a good option nonetheless.