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Official Droid Bionic teaser video released

Verizon has released a new official Droid Bionic teaser video that invokes a science-fiction feel. Unfortunately, there's no sign of the actual phone anywhere in the ad.

Verizon just released the official Motorola Droid Bionic teaser video, and we're confused. Is this an ad for the much-hyped Droid Bionic, or an upcoming Syfy TV movie? There's no evidence of the actual phone aside from the brief mention at the end. Instead we're treated to an action-packed fight scene set in some kind of sci-fi arena. Is this pretty lady in leather supposed to be the Droid Bionic? What is this figure she's fighting supposed to be or symbolize? Does the Droid Bionic come with a sword? And what's with the creepy music?

Nonetheless, we are interested to see if the upcoming Droid Bionic will truly "Rule All Machines." It looks like Verizon and Motorola are pulling out all the stops on this one, so we're sure you'll see more of these ads prior to the phone's September release.

(via Droid Life)