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Prescription lenses for Oculus Go? These are Facebook-approved

FramesDirect makes prescription lenses specifically for the Oculus Go.


Oculus released the $199 Oculus Go VR headset in May.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Glasses can sometimes be a pain when using VR, but Facebook doesn't want that to stop you from using the Oculus Go.

That's why Oculus partnered with FramesDirect to build custom prescription lenses specifically for the $199 VR headset. The VirtuClear lenses can be customized for your prescription and then snap onto the Oculus Go headset -- almost like contacts for your Oculus.

The Oculus Go already works with glasses, and even comes with a glasses spacer if you need to add extra room. (It's worth noting that CNET editor and glasses-wearer Scott Stein was able to use the Oculus Go comfortably without the spacer when researching his review.)

Still, other VR headsets sometimes have trouble with glasses. We wonder if other headsets might start offering prescription lenses too.