O2 to take iPhone 3G pre-orders

O2 to take iPhone 3G pre-orders

Ben Wilson

While US customers are stuck waiting in line for the launch of the iPhone 3G on June 11th at 8 a.m., UK customers will already be playing with their shiny new toys because of time difference. UK customers will also have the benefit of iPhone 3G pre-ordering, iPhone Atlas has learned.

O2, Apple's official wireless carrier in the UK, will be taking advance orders for the iPhone 3G starting on July 4th. There are conflicting reports, however, regarding when fulfillment of pre-orders will take place. Some users indicate delivery on the launch date, while others report delivery on July 12th.

AT&T, the official US iPhone carrier, is not taking pre-orders through either its online stores or retail outlets for the iPhone 3G.

Australian iPhone 3G carrier Optus is taking "reservations" for the iPhone. Customers can place a $100 "fully refundable holding deposit" that will guarantee "priority queuing, and (the ability) to purchase the iPhone 2 hours before everyone else."

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