O2 sold out of iPhones: Sign of 3G iPhone's arrival?

Want a 3G iPhone? You might not have to wait much longer. O2 has apparently run out of iPhones, which could mean it's getting ready for a new model

Andrew Lim
2 min read

Shazam -- and the iPhone is gone. Or at least it has from O2's Web site. Go have a look if you don't believe us, behold the special page that declares "8GB & 16GB iPhone no longer available". So what does it all mean?

One explanation is that O2 has run out of iPhones after it ran the £169 deal for the 8GB model, but that wouldn't explain a wipe-out of the 16GB iPhone too. Could O2 be clearing out stock, prepping itself for a better, 3G-tastic version?

Typically of the cat and mouse game we play with Apple, we have no idea what's going on, but a 3G iPhone was always on the roadmap, so an imminent release isn't out of the question.

With several manufacturers muscling in on the touchscreen action, including HTC with its new Touch Diamond, it makes sense for Apple to fight back now. But Apple has never been one to follow the crowd, so who knows what move it'll make next?

One thing for sure is that when the 3G iPhone comes out it will be more successful than its predecessor. Our sense is that many people in the UK loved the iPhone but were put off by the lack of 3G, so when it does come out there could be an epic stampede. -Andrew Lim

Update: The O2 Web site is now offering the 16GB model but the 8GB is still out of stock. Looks like it might not be the 3G iPhone after all.