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O2 down for some

O2 says it's having trouble with its phone service, with some phone numbers not working.

O2's network appears to be throwing a wobbly, with the oxygenated operator saying it's having some trouble with its phone service.

Update: O2 has said the issue affects around 10 per cent of its customers. The blue-hued operator says it has 16.3 million customers in the UK, so that's around 1.63 million folks currently without service. The network promises to deliver a "full fix" this afternoon, and says, "We are sorry." The rest of the original story follows.

On its status page, O2 says "some phone numbers might not be working", and notes the issue isn't location specific -- so you could find your phone not working regardless of where you are.

Some readers have been in touch via our Facebook page to say they have no service, while a number of complaints are being lodged on Twitter. We've tested two phones on O2 in our office in Southwark, London, and both seem to be working fine.

It's tough to know right now whether this is a minor glitch affecting a few people, or a more serious problem. O2 customers will nervously remember the outage in July -- here's hoping this isn't a problem on that scale. I have contacted O2 for a statement on the issue, and we'll let you know as soon as we hear something.

In the meantime, if you're an O2 customer let us know whether your phone is working okay, or whether you've noticed any issues. The comments box below or our Facebook wall are the best ways to get in touch. 

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