O2 and Twitter: Tweeting here, tweeting there, tweeting everywhere

O2 is introducing free SMS notifications from Twitter, with the option to tweet and reply straight from your phone wherever you are. Honestly, there's no escaping the tweet these days

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O2 has signed a deal with Twitter to get notifications straight to your mobile telephony device. O2 customers can get tweets from selected friends, @replies and direct messages via SMS, as well as replying and tweeting via text.

O2 is the latest provider to offer SMS notifications after Vodafone re-introduced the service in March. O2 also offers text notifications from Facebook and Bebo. Texts cost 10p to send or are counted against your text allowance. Messages from Twitter are free. The service will commence in August.

It's worth pointing out that you've always been able to tweet from your phone even if you can't connect to the Internet, simply by registering your phone on the settngs page and texting tweets to 07624801423. Think hard before you do though -- that number's been responsible for more drunken tweets than the entire top shelf of spirits.

If you prefer to tweet from your computer, popular desktop client Seesmic has this week launched a Web portal. Meanwhile, Twitter itself has recently rolled out massively improved follower/following listing pages -- just click on your follow numbers from your home page -- which allow you to see your fellow tweeter's last post and streamlines the unfollowing and blocking process.

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