Now you can stick other people's Instagram posts in your Stories

It shows up as a sort of sticker. And don't worry, you can also control if other people can use your posts in their stories.

With the new feature, public posts can go straight from feed to story.

If you find a pet selfie or food pic while swiping through your Instagram feed, now you can add it to your own Instagram story (and even Facebook) with a few taps. 

Instagram said on Thursday it's offering the new feature, which turns other people's posts into a sort of sticker that you can add your own text to before sharing with your friends.

To do this, tap the paper airplane icon like you were sending a message and hit the "create a story" option at the top. You can share any public post to your story, and shared posts will include the original poster's username.

And don't worry, if you don't want other people sharing your posts in their stories, Instagram lets you opt out of the feature in the settings.

Instagram says the feature is available via update today for Android-powered phones, with the iOS update coming in the next few days.

(Via Engadget)