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Now you can search Snapchat Stories

The company's curation team was "overwhelmed" by the number of Stories submitted, so Snap built a tool to let users search on their own.

Type in "spring break" or any search term and now Snapchat will serve up related Stories.
Snap/Screenshot by CNET

Want to know what your fellow Snapchatters are doing for spring break? Now you can just search on that or any term instead of relying on Snap's curation team to hand-pick Stories for you.

Snap, the company behind the popular mobile messaging app, announced the new search tool in a blog post Friday, saying it was rolling out at first in select cities. It's the first major new product for the company since its initial public offering in March. And it's the first major search tool for the service boosting its ability to compete with the likes of YouTube.

"Over time, the number of Snaps that were created by our community and added to Our Story simply overwhelmed our curation team -- and inspired us to create something new," Snap said in the blog post.

The move also comes just days after rival Facebook widely released a near-identical clone of Snapchat's Stories. Both Facebook's and Snapchat's Stories let people post a collection of video and photos on a particular topic or event that can be edited with digital stickers and filters.

Snap said advanced machine learning is powering the new search tool.