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Novell bolsters IntranetWare with Java tools

Novell announces Java tools and pricing for its recently announced IntranetWare software bundle.

Novell (NOVL) today announced Java tools and pricing for its recently announced IntranetWare software bundle.

Hoping to gain some momentum in the intranet market, Novell will reannounce IntranetWare tonight at a splashy gala at Networld+Interop, only a month after the software's initial debut.

The new Java software developer's kit (SDK) for IntranetWare and specific pricing information are among the new wrinkles Novell executives have ironed out since their initial IntranetWare announcement in Burlingame, California, last month. Since then, CEO Robert Frankenberg has left the company and sales executive Joe Marengi has taken the helm.

IntranetWare includes the core NetWare network operating system (NOS) with a variety of Web-related tools and services bundled around it.

The SDK for the Java Virtual Machine, enabling developers to write Java-based programs that work as NetWare Loadable Modules (NLM), Novell's moniker for applications running on top of its NOS. Novell also announced the NEST Server Software developer kit, letting programmers add directory capabilities to storage subsystems.

The SDK is available as part of Novell's DeveloperNet developer subscription program, which is priced from $345 per year.

IntranetWare will ship the first week of October. Pricing is similar to NetWare, with licenses starting at five users for $1,095. A limited time upgrade offer for NetWare 4.x users is available at a discount.