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Note 10: Change these 4 settings for better battery life

Manage your Note 10's battery with these simple tips.

Jason Cipriani
Jason Cipriani
Jason Cipriani Contributing Writer, ZDNet
Jason Cipriani is based out of beautiful Colorado and has been covering mobile technology news and reviewing the latest gadgets for the last six years. His work can also be found on sister site CNET in the How To section, as well as across several more online publications.
Jason Cipriani
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The Note 10's battery life is great, but you can make it better. 

Jason Cipriani/CNET

The Note 10 Plus offers impressive battery life, but it's worth taking a few minutes to make sure you're getting every last bit of battery life from your phone. You can do the standard things like adjusting display brightness and screen timeout to help cut back on battery use, but there are some settings and features of phones in Samsung's Note 10 line that make it possible to go even further.

Going beyond the basics by lowering the screen resolution, using Night Mode or putting battery-hungry apps to sleep will prolong your battery. 

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Lowering the display resolution will help save battery life. 

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Do you really need to see all those pixels?

Probably not. Sure, it's nice to look at videos or photos at the Note 10's full resolution, but pushing all those extra pixels eats into your battery life. 

Instead, go with a lower resolution setting of FHD+, and I promise, you'll save battery life and barely notice a difference. Or if you really want to get aggressive, go all the way down to HD+. 

Change your Note 10's resolution by going to Settings > Display > Screen resolution > FHD+


Night mode is good on battery life, and your eyes. 

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Use Night Mode all the time

According to Google, using a night mode on your phone improves battery life and eases the amount of strain on your eyes when staring at the screen. Samsung's Note phones have a Night Mode, and instead of switching to it only at night, you can use it all day long. 

Go to Settings > Display > Night mode and slide the switch next Turn on now to the On position. 

Pay attention to Device Care suggestions

The Note 10 has a built-in system diagnostics app called Device Care. It monitors your phone in the background and will make suggestions to improve your phone's performance. 

It's easy to overlook the suggestions made by the Device Care section of the settings app, but it's worth taking note of which apps it claims are draining your battery. You can then decide to deal with the offending apps, or accept the additional drain they cause. 

On my Note 10 Plus, I receive the same alert every day for an app I use to sync my iCloud calendar with Android. I've tried changing how often the app syncs with Apple's servers, with no luck. But at the end of the day, having all of my calendars on my phone is worth the added tax on my battery life. 


The Note 10's Power modes can help save battery. 

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Use the Note 10's battery saving modes

If you're really in a bind and need to squeeze out as much battery life as possible, use the Note 10's power modes. You can change between power modes by going into Settings > Device care > Battery > Power mode. Alternatively, there's a Power mode toggle in the quick settings panel by swiping down from the top of your screen. 

Each power mode tweaks and adjusts different aspects of your phone's performance, and will provide an estimate of how long your battery will last based on recent usage. 

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