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Nokia's soon-to-be-ex camera chief heading to car company

Damian Dinning, head of imaging and photography for Nokia for nearly a decade, says he'll be moving on to Land Rover Jaguar.

The Nokia 808 PureView features a 41-megapixel camera.
Josh Miller/CNET

How does one switch from developing smartphone cameras to working on cars? Maybe it's that they both have to do with going mobile?

Damian Dinning, head of imaging and photography for Nokia for almost a decade, told mobile-photography blog PureView Club (which is, of course, focused on Nokia's PureView technology) that he's leaving the phone maker and heading to Jaguar Land Rover. Dinning said staying on at Nokia would've required a move to Finland, which wouldn't have jibed with his family situation.

PureView, you may recall, is the technology involved with Nokia's 808 PureView phone, which was released earlier this year sporting a 41-megapixel camera.

Perhaps Dinning's "career change" shouldn't be all that surprising. Technology, after all, has become an ever-more hybridized affair, with cars that feature in-dash screens and rear-mounted cameras. Dinning told PureView club that he'll be "driving future innovations in the exciting new field of Connected Car." He also said he felt confident he was leaving Nokia's imaging team in good shape. Dinning wraps things up at Nokia at the end of the month.