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Nokia's loud and proud Supernova series

Nokia wants you to "Xpress yourself" with the Supernova range. Whether you're into 'mellow yellow', 'candy pink', or 'wasabi green', your phone will never look out of place at the circus again.

Nokia Supernova: 7610, 7510, 7310 and 7210

Have you ever finished dressing for a night out and realised that your piano-black Nokia phone, which looks great with your business suit, looked drab against your fluoro rainbow-coloured parachute pants?

Budding M.C. Hammers rejoice: Nokia's Supernova series is ready to accessorise any outfit with a collection of Xpress-on phone covers. The series features four new handsets — the 7610, 7510, 7310 and 7210 — and each handset will come with at least three to seven covers. That's like 20 new phones!

The four new handsets come in a range of shapes and sizes including a slider, a clamshell and two candybars. Each handset has 2G GSM which will equate to slow Web browsing, and at least a 2-megapixel camera — with the 7610 sporting a 3.2-megapixel shooter.

Nokia intends to roll out the new range over the coming months with the 7310 looking to be the first cab off the rank. Prices for this range will begin at 120 Euros (AU$195) but we'll be sure to update you with more specific info as each of these lovelies rolls into stores.