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Nokia X7-00 leaked and pictured running Need for Speed

The X7-00, a new Nokia smart phone, has shown its face on the Web. It's running Need for Speed and apparently has a ludicrous four speakers.

This is a bolt from the blue. A new Nokia smart phone, said to be the X7-00, has been pictured in a leaked video running Need for Speed.

Pictures and a video of the purported X7 were leaked on the Czech Modryzub forums (registration needed), first spotted by the Italian Nokia HD Blog. From the looks of the phone, it's running Symbian and shows evidence of a 4-inch screen and an 8-megapixel camera.

Crazily, the phone is supposed to have four speakers, which gives a clue as to its intended buyers: pathological public transport irritants. The forum tips the device to have a fixed battery, 450MB of storage (which is certain to be expandable) and 245MB of RAM.

It has the sharp styling you might expect from an X-series Nokia entertainment phone, and the power to run a game like Need for Speed Shift. Unfortunately Nokia moved quickly to have the YouTube video taken down, so we can't show you it in action.

The X7-00 follows the recently released C7 and we're expecting the E7 before Christmas. Considering how long we've been waiting for the latter, we're not holding our breath.

The hardware looks great, but then again so did the N8. As we've mentioned countless times, it's all about the Symbian software for us. 

Good looks and durability are nothing without usability, and Nokia phones haven't measured up with the best in recent times. Although the Need for Speed demo does look impressive, we aren't holding out for any great improvement here.

But you can never count out the Finns, so we'll wait and see. What do you think of this new Nokia?