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Nokia Windows RT tablet spied in crimson-hued leaked pic

The images show Nokia's long-rumoured Windows tablet.

Nokia's long-rumoured Windows tablet has been spotted in the wild, in a scarlet-tinted snap that points to Windows RT, and 4G-capability.

The picture above appeared at Chinese-language site Weibo, and plainly shows a red slab of what can only be a tablet, proudly bearing the Nokia logo. The edges look to be slightly tapered, like those of Nokia's Lumia smart phones.

The picture is grainy, so it's hard to glean any more details -- but a second close-up snap clearly shows a 4G LTE logo, and the Windows RT logo stamped on the slate's rump.

Windows RT is the pared-down version of Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system. It's a little limited in that it only lets you install apps from Microsoft's own app store, as opposed to a normal Windows 8 PC or tablet, which allows you to download and use any old program.

Update: This tablet will be given an official airing at a New York event in September, the Verge reports citing 'sources familiar with Nokia's plans'.

Microsoft has already made its own Windows RT tablet -- the Microsoft Surface RT -- though it wasn't a hit, with the company admitting it built too many, having lost a whopping $900m on the experimental gadget.

Nokia is working through its own issues, as it battles to make its Lumia smart phones more popular than Android or Apple blowers. It has a long way to go yet, and will have a similar struggle ahead if it wants to get people interested in a Windows RT tablet.

The picture above also bears the logo of Verizon, a US phone network. That suggests the tablet will definitely be heading to the States, though certainly doesn't exclude the possibility that it'll arrive in the UK as well.

The tablet is rumoured to be powered by a 1.3GHz Tegra 3 processor and 2GB of RAM, and have a 10.1-inch display.

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