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Nokia unveils slim Barracuda

The thin cell phone is Nokia's late response to its rivals' popular devices, such as Motorola's venerable Razr. Photos: Nokia's international phones

Nokia unveiled on Thursday a thin Barracuda phone and six new entry-level handsets, including its cheapest 1200 model, which is set to sell for just under $50.

The Finnish company, which sells more than a third of all phones across the world, has a strong position in emerging markets. But in developed markets, Motorola and Samsung have attacked it with popular thin phones.

The Barracuda, or Nokia 2630, is slightly below 10mm (0.4 inch) thick, comparable with most of the thin phones of its rivals. The phone will hit the shelves next quarter, with an estimated retail price about $115, excluding operator subsidies and taxes.

"At these prices the largest volumes are sold--on both developed and emerging markets. Of course, we expect to see very high volumes from Barracuda," Kai Oistamo, head of Nokia's mobile phones unit, told Reuters.

Oistamo displayed the Barracuda at an investor event last November, in a gesture designed to calm investor fears regarding Nokia's answer to thin phones.

"It was a sign of change in the overall thinking... It's the whole new approach to marketing and communications as a whole, clearly less conservative and somewhat more aggressive and forward-looking than earlier," Oistamo said.