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Nokia to offer phones with 'old world' styling

One of the new handsets invokes Garbo, according to the Finnish phone giant. Another is described as "sleek and sexy."

At a fashion event Thursday in Shanghai, Nokia showcased three new camera phones designed to combine "old-world, art deco styling" with modern features.

The company said the new handsets, dubbed the 7280, the 7270 and the 7260, are "inspired by the glamour and elegance of the lavish 1920s" in the graphics they display, their design and their color (mostly black, white and red).

Nokia did not announce pricing or availability details for the new models.

The 7280 is unusual in that it forgoes the traditional keypad in favor of a dial. It also has a high-gloss finish and features leather and mirror accents. A subscriber can use the phone to transfer photos, ring tones, wallpaper, music and videos to and from Apple Computer PCs. Nokia calls the phone "sleek and sexy."

Nokia says the 7270 was inspired by "Garbo-esque glamour." The handset features an FM radio and software for converting clothing and shoe sizes. It comes with a matching carrying strap, pouch and wrap.

The third model, the 7260, is a tri-band phone with chrome and steel accents.

Cell phone companies have been working harder of late to come up with new designs that make a fashion statement, while also making phones thinner. Motorola plans to release new phones in the fourth quarter, while Nokia already unveiled a slimmer version of its Communicator device earlier this week.