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Nokia rings up more Yahoo services

Mobile e-mail and messaging from Yahoo are set to become the norm for owners of Nokia phones.

Nokia plans to offer e-mail and instant messaging from Yahoo on its phones, both companies announced Wednesday.

The rollout will begin with the new Nokia 6300, 5200 and 5300 XpressMusic phones, which will have the capacity to sync with Yahoo contacts, tasks and calendar items, in addition to Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger.

These services will soon be added to many of Nokia's Series 40 phones as well, according to Nokia.

The announcement expands on an earlier partnership between the two companies. In January, they announced plans to make Yahoo Go Mobile, Yahoo's mobile Web browser, available on Nokia phones for AT&T and Cingular Wireless customers.

Analysts have been predicting that e-mailing from regular cell phones will become prevalent as the technology and services required for mobile Internet becomes more affordable.

While Nokia remains the No. 1 manufacturer and brand worldwide, the Finland-based company, has not gained much traction in the United States, according to analysts.