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Nokia reveals the Nokia X 'Android' phone

It's official: Nokia has a phone running a mashed up version of Google's mobile OS. It's Android, Jim, but not quite as we know it.

Previously codenamed Normandy, Nokia has used its MWC conference to unveil the Nokia X family — a range of phones that's technically running Android, but with more than a few tweaks.

The Nokia X at MWC. (Screenshot by Nic Healey/CNET)

Described as a "three way mashup" the Nokia X isn't just the smartphone itself, it's also the name of the operating system. Basically a bedrock of Android 4.1, Nokia X pulls in elements of Asha and Windows Phone to create a unique experience — but one that can still use Android apps (although not the Google Play store, it seems — your app experience will be curated by Nokia).

Interestingly, the Nokia X range will use Microsoft services such as OneDrive and Skype rather than Google's services. According to Microsoft's Laura Kingwell this is "the best of Microsoft with Nokia X".

The Nokia X family (Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET)

The first Nokia X phone will be a rather mid-range number, with a 4-inch screen (800 x 480 resolution) and a dual-core 1GHz Snapdragon processor. It's also only €89 or around AUD$140. It's joined by the Nokia X+ which has more storage and an SD card slot and sells for €99. The Nokia XL is a bigger screen and has a larger rear camera and 2-megapixle forward facing camera and a €109 price tag.

While this isn't the Nokia Android phone people may have been anticipating, it is the perfect phone for emerging markets, which seem to be the focus for Nokia with the Nokia X. Nokia's EVP Stephen Elop said that Nokia X range will consistently be priced under that of the Lumia, but stressed that Lumia will remain the flagship brand and will remain the primary focus for an tech innovations.

We'll have more information, including hands on with the hardware and software, ASAP.