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Nokia Podcasting: Get the Crave podcast on your mobile

Download and listen to your favourite podcast -- ours, no doubt -- on your mobile phone using Nokia's new podcasting application

Podcasting is becoming so popular that even Crave has had a go and we'd like to think that someone somewhere is listening to us. Fortunately, Nokia is about to launch a new podcasting application next Wednesday that will let you download podcasts straight on to your mobile phone. It works with mobiles that use the S60 third edition operating system, but Steven Stewart, Nokia's Podcasting product manager, explained to us that it has been optimised for use with a Nokia N91.

The Nokia Podcast application, which is still in beta, will let you subscribe, download, preview and play supported audio and video podcasts. Currently it's only available in English, but it will be available in over 40 languages by October this year. We tested it out on our own podcast via a 3G connection -- it cost us around £15 in network download charges, so we strongly recommend that you use this application via a Wi-Fi connection.

It worked when we tested it out with an N80, but we've been warned by Mr Stewart that downloads may freeze or not work properly, since the application isn't entirely bug-free yet. In the future more phones will be supported and the application will be more stable. You'll be able to download it and test it out for yourself next week from Nokia's Web site. -AL