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Nokia N900 bags Skype video calling and Facebook IM with fresh update

Starving Nokia N900s gorge on a host of new features today. Most exciting? Video calls via Skype. Thanks, over the air update!

Smashing news for Nokia N900 fans -- a host of tasty extras are being beamed directly to your mobile today, most notably video calling over Skype, using the N900's front-facing camera. Best to make sure your hair looks alright before making any calls.

The over the air update -- catchily titled PR1.2 -- adds a bunch of new features, including support for Facebook IM chat. This means you'll be able to send and receive instant messages from your Facebook friends using the N900, completely eliminating the need to ever pay attention at any meeting, lecture or family barbeque ever again.

You'll also get minor tweaks to the email and calendar apps, and the on-screen keyboard -- you'll now be able to hold keys down to access a broader selection of icons and symbols. Aside from that, expect some new additions to the Ovi store, including a load of new games.

All things considered, it's a pretty tasty package for N900 owners. The addition of video calling will be especially appreciated, as until now that front-facing camera's only use was staring dolefully up at you while you texted your cooler mates. Presumably to tell them how much you hated having a phone with a front-facing camera that couldn't make video calls.