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Nokia N9 set to power MeeGo with a 1.2GHz Intel processor

Nokia's N9 has been a thing of myth since early last summer, but it seems it'll have a powerful processor and the new MeeGo OS to boot.

Nokia's N9 has been a thing of myth since early last Summer, when the first images and specs began to leak out. We've known for some time that the smart phone with slide-out Qwerty keyboard would be one of the first devices to run Nokia and Intel's MeeGo software.

Since then there have been several more leaks of video and photos of the device, although relatively little information on its specs. Until now.

Engadget has cracked out its Finnish dictionary to decipher this article on technology site Prosessori, which claims the N9 will use a 1.2GHz Intel Atom processor -- making it the gruntiest Nokia phone ever.

The article also claims the N9 will sport the same superb 12-megapixel camera as the N8, and that it could make its debut at next month's Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona. New Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is giving a keynote speech on Wednesday 16 February, so pencil that in your diary as the day the N9 finally gets unmasked.

It's unlikely to be the only product Elop will announce. Earlier this week, we attended a pre-MWC London event hosted by UK Trade & Investment, at which a bunch of British mobile companies pitched their wares to journalists.

Several talked confidently about MeeGo tablets being on show at Mobile World Congress, then clammed up when we asked why they were so sure.

They could have been referring to prototypes of the kind that have appeared at previous exhibitions, but we have a sneaky feeling Elop may pull a Jobsian "just one more thing" trick in his keynote, and show off Nokia's first MeeGo tablet too.

Even if he doesn't, it sounds like the Nokia N9 will still be worthy of a big reveal. The N8 was a great piece of hardware whose Achilles Heel was its software. If the MeeGo OS is a big leap forward, the N9 could be one of 2011's hottest handsets.

Picture credit: Engadget