Nokia N8 showcased with mini action movie starring Pamela Anderson

Nokia has released The Commuter on YouTube, an action film starring Dev Patel, Charles Dance and the Paminator that showcases the power of the N8's camera.

Asavin Wattanajantra
2 min read

Our opinion of the Nokia N8 has been hotly debated, but we've always maintained the hardware is brilliant. Now, a new short film has been released on YouTube, showcasing the phone's impressive 12-megapixel camera.

The Commuter was shot entirely on the Nokia N8, utilising the phone's 720p HD video-recording capability. It's actually a very entertaining little action movie, starring Slumdog Millionaire's Dev Patel. The film tells the story of Patel's character, a commuter who is forced to make a perilous journey to work after a traffic warden, played by Charles Dance, clamps his car.

You'll recognise many London landmarks in the fast-paced clip, which features Ferraris, parkouring bankers, martial arts and, bizarrely, a Pamela Anderson cameo. Other famous cast members include Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick, who plays Chuck Bass inthe US drama series.

The film is directed by brothers Rory and Ed McHenry, who were approached by Nokia with the challenge of creating a short film using only the N8.

"We grew up making movies on camcorders, and the footage was terrible. Now we are shooting movies on a phone! It's crazy how fast technology has moved. I think a lot of young kids out there and filmmakers will use this and think 'well, I can make a movie on it'," said Ed.

"There are lots of tips about where to put the camera and stuff, but the main thing is to get a good story, because that will drive everything. You can shoot it on anything, and this is just a great tool to do it with," added his brother.

This isn't the only stunt Nokia has pulled to hype up the N8. Last month, it hooked the N8 up to the world's biggest cinema screen, using the HDMI capability of the phone. If you want to know more about how The Commuter was created, take a look at the making of the video below.