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Nokia N78: Geotagging camera phone

Nokia has announced the launch of its N78 handset -- a GPS-enabled device with photo geotagging and FM transmission

If the new N96 wasn't enough for you Finnish phone fans, here's Nokia's new N78. Launching later this year, the N78 features a couple of interesting functions. Firstly, geotagging. This is a bit of teamwork between the built-in GPS and the phone's 3.2-megapixel camera. If you take a photo standing next to the beautiful hot springs of Kyoto, you can upload it to Flickr complete with the geographical location it was taken at.

The second interesting feature is FM transmission -- this lets you send your MP3 collection to a car stereo or, in fact, any FM radio system. More conventionally it's got built-in Wi-Fi, A2DP stereo Bluetooth, HSDPA connectivity, up to 8GB of internal memory, microSD, FM radio and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Yeah, you're old school now, 2.5mm. Loser.

Expect UK availability details soon, but it's scheduled for a Q2 release for around £260. Click through for more pics. -Nate Lanxon

Update: Our intrepid reporter Andrew Lim has had his expert hands on the Nokia N78 here. Even better, there's a video of the N78 here.

Further update: Read our full Nokia N78 review.

Not the best looking screen in the world, but certainly not the worst.

Bland but functional round the back.