Nokia Lumia Black update hits UK, from Lumia 520 to 1020

Nokia's updating all the Lumia phones you can buy in the UK, all at once, bringing a boatload of new features to your Windows Phone from today.

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Nokia's updating all the Lumia phones you can buy in the UK, all at once. The update, codenamed 'Black', brings a boatload of new features to your Windows Phone and is rolling out today.

The biggest change is the addition of app folders (pictured above), so you can keep groups of similar apps all together, just like in iOS and Android.

Notifications have been improved too, with 'Glance 2.0' giving you more information, such as how many new messages, mentions and appointments you have pending, without having to unlock the phone. You can choose up to five different notification types to display.

New apps such as Beamer, Storyteller, and the amalgamated Camera app are now all supported, although not all on the least powerful phones, but you still have to download them.

Beamer creates a QR code for another screen, which when scanned by your phone connects the two screens, so you can then share documents. Storyteller, meanwhile, uses your photos' metadata (date, location) to organise them and integrate maps.

Low-energy Bluetooth support means loads more wearable gadgets -- Nokia specifically mentions Adidas' MiCoach range -- will work with your Windows Phone.

If you haven't received the update automatically, you can go to Settings > Phone update and if it's ready for your phone, you can download it.

Here's a video showing what you can expect:

Nokia's Lumia lineup is chock-full of bargains at the moment, especially the models that are close to being superseded like the Lumia 720 and 820. The metal-edged Lumia 925 is particularly good value at around £300, with a cracking camera, a lovely screen and 4G.

Have you received the Black update yet? What do you think of the new apps? Has anything gone wrong? Beam your experiences into the comments, or tell a story on our Facebook page.