Nokia Lumia 929 leaks, just bigger than the Lumia 625

Nokia's Lumia 929 looks like it's around 5 inches big, instead of the 6 inches we were expecting.

Joe Svetlik Reporter
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Joe Svetlik
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Nokia's Lumia 1520 Bandit -- the company's first 6-inch device -- may have been owning the headlines of late, but there's another Lumia rumoured to be making its way out of Finland.

It's known as the Lumia 929, according to the snap posted by Internet tipster @evleaks. It was originally thought to be a version of the 1520 exclusive to the Verizon network in the US, but it could be a different beast altogether, according to recent FCC filings.

According to the record with the FCC, the device is only slightly bigger than the Lumia 625, which would put it at around 5 inches. That would suggest it's more than just a spinoff of the Lumia 1520 made for one mobile network, and hints that we might see it here in Blighty.

There aren't really any more details to go on. There are plenty of tiles on the home screen, so it looks like that display should be fairly big. And it seems we're looking at the GDR3 version of the Windows Phone OS.

Nokia has punted out invites in the US to an event on 22 October, with the hashtags #blazing #stories #innovationreinvented. It's expected to launch the Lumia 1520 Bandit on that date, and we could see the Lumia 929 alongside it.

The Lumia 1520 should be the company's last flagship before it's taken over by Microsoft. If it is 6 inches, as expected, it'll be the biggest mobile Nokia has ever made -- not quite the tablet we were hoping for, but still pretty large. That screen should be 1080p HD, and inside is tipped to be a quad-core processor.

Early rumours said the camera would be 20 megapixels, but a recent press image showed it looking closer to the 8.7-megapixel jobby found on the Lumia 925.

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