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Nokia Lumia 800 is new name for Sea Ray Windows Phone

The Nokia 800 Lumia is the official name of the Sea Ray, the Finnish company's first Windows Phone.

The Nokia Lumia 800 is the official name of the Sea Ray, the first Nokia Windows Phone. We've glimpsed the Sea Ray prototype in the run-up to the launch of Nokia's Windows Phone smart phones, and we'll see the Lumia when it's officially unveiled tomorrow.

The fans of Finnish phones at The Nokia Blog spotted the name in the code attached to a photograph taken by the phone. The EXIF data for three photos uploaded to the Web bear the Lumia name and reveal that the phone uses Windows Phone 7.5, the latest version of the software, known as Mango.

The Sea Ray looks to be based on the Nokia N9, the MeeGo-powered phone that sadly never made it to the UK. Shorn of buttons and encased in a colourful rounded case, the N9 is a decent phone despite MeeGo having been abandoned, so we have high hopes for the Lumia.

Word on the street is that the Lumia will be joined by the Sabre, although it seems likely now that Sabre is also a pre-production codename. It's a safe bet that when the Sabre is unveiled it will have a Lumia-like new age-y sounding name to replace its pointy-slicey codename.

Nokia will unveil the Lumia 800 and its other new Windows Phones tomorrow at Nokia World, right here in London. CNET UK is steaming in mob-handed, so stay right here for the breaking news, hands-on videos and first impressions.

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