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Nokia Lumia 720 review: Sleek, but not the best value in town

CNET UK reviews Nokia's Lumia 720, which looks terrific, but doesn't offer enough to extreme budget-seekers over other Lumia options.

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With all the Nokia Lumia phones out and about right now, it's hard to keep track of what's what. Luckily, CNET UK's Andrew Hoyle puts the Nokia Lumia 720 into perspective in his full review of the midrange smartphone.

The Windows 8 phone looks sleek and familiar, more akin to Nokia's high-end Lumia 920 than the upper-midrange 820 series. It offers more than the forthcoming 520 and budget 620, but not so much over these latter two that wallet-watchers should lose focus.

In other words, the decent camera, user-friendly interface, and bevy of Nokia-only apps do make the 720 a good choice for budget-seekers, but those looking for the ultimate value should stick with the Lumia 620, or keep their eyes trained on the 520, Nokia's least inexpensive Lumia yet.

For all the details, photos, and a video tour, check out this full Nokia Lumia 720 review.