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Nokia Lumia 720 on sale 8 April, Amazon reveals

Nokia's mid-range Windows Phone 8 blower, the Lumia 720, will be on sale on 8 April for £383, according to Amazon.

Nokia's latest mid-range Windows Phone 8 phone, the Lumia 720, will be on sale in the UK from 8 April for £383. That's according to online retailer Amazon, which has let the cat out of the bag early by slapping the release date on its product page.

Nokia has yet to make any kind of official statement about when the phone will be available, telling me only "quarter two of this year". It's possible then that the product page, spotted by WMPoweruser, is an accidental early leak, but it's still there at the time of writing, so Amazon's evidently in no rush to remove it.

If the numbers didn't give you a glaring clue, the 720 will sit above the entry-level Lumia 620, but below Nokia's flagship 920. It packs a 4.3-inch screen so will be slightly more comfortable for watching movies on than the 3.8 inches of the 620. Like all of the Lumia range, the 720 will be available in a variety of garish hues, although Amazon is only apparently stocking the more subdued black option right now.

At £383, it's quite a bit pricier than the excellent 620, which you can snag SIM free from only £160. You do get quite a few extra features though. Aside from the larger screen, you'll also get a 6.7-megapixel camera with an f/1.9 lens (for better low light shots) and a slimmer, less cartoonish design.

It can accept microSD cards, packs NFC technology and wireless charging with its optional charging pad accessories. As a Nokia phone, you'll also get a host of Nokia apps included for turn-by-turn satellite navigation, local business information and various camera tricks.

We haven't been able to give the 720 the full review treatment as yet, but hopefully it can offer enough over just a bigger screen to justify the extra cash over the 620.