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Nokia Lumia 710 is 'first affordable Windows Phone'

The Nokia 710 is the first affordable Windows Phone from the Finnish phone-flingers.

The Nokia Lumia 710 is the first 'affordable' Windows Phone from the Finnish phone-flingers. The 710 was unveiled today alongside the Nokia Lumia 800 in the long-awaited launch of Nokia's Windows Phones.

The Lumia 710 joins the Nokia Lumia 800, which Nokia boss Stephen Elop calls "the first real Windows Phone".

The 710 sports a 3.7-inch screen on the front, while the back is up to you: you can swap the case for different colours. Inside there's a 1.4Ghz processor and dedicated graphics chip, and a 5-megapixel camera. 

The 710 is powered by Microsoft's Windows Phone software. It's based around colourful squares that update with the latest information, from weather and headlines to your friends' social network updates.

It also packs Nokia Drive turn-by-turn navigation for sat-nav in your pocket.

The 710 has three physical buttons beneath the screen: a back button, a search button and a Windows button for doing Windows-y things.

The 710 is set to cost around £235, before VAT. That doesn't sound very affordable to us, but the phone networks may offer bargain prices if you commit to a contract. Keep it CNET UK for the latest news on prices and availability.

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