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Nokia Lumia 710 coming to Three

The Nokia Lumia 710 is joining the Nokia Lumia 800 in Britain, thanks to Three.

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Richard Trenholm
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The Nokia Lumia 710 is joining the Nokia Lumia 800 in Britain, thanks to Three. The 3G network is the first to confirm it'll sell the budget entry to the new Lumia range of Nokia Windows phones.

The Lumia 710 stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the Nokia Lumia 800, launched last year, in Nokia's big push to recapture some of the ground lost to the iPhone and Android phones in the last few years.

In the US, Nokia has just launched the Lumia 900, a 4.3-inch entry to the Lumia range. It's a 4G phone so it won't be coming over here -- 4G is still a way off in this green and pleasant land -- but we'll probably see more Lumias soon, as both Microsoft and Nokia are committed to winning back some ground from Apple and Android.

The 710 sports a 3.7-inch screen and 5-megapixel camera with LED flash. Inside there's a 1.4GHz Snapdragon processor and 8GB of storage for your movies, music and photos. You can personalise the phone with apps from the Windows Phone Marketplace, which now has over 50,000 apps, including games such as Angry Birds, messaging clients such as WhatsApp and music services such as Spotify.

Also on board is Nokia's own Nokia Drive turn-by-turn sat-nav, and Nokia Music, which streams playlists to your phone. And your contacts are pulled into the People Hub app collecting all your friends' social network updates as well as their messages to you. You can also customise the 710 by swapping the back for a different colour.

We love Windows Phone and its playful, colourful and intuitive tile-based interface, which you'll be seeing on your desktop and tablet in Windows 8 later this year.

Three hasn't yet announced a price or release date for the Nokia Lumia 710, but it's expected to be both affordable and soon. Are you tempted by the 710? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page.