Nokia E75: The one to watch

Looking for a Nokia phone that provides a full Qwerty keypad but doesn't take up all your pocket space? The Nokia E75 could be for you

Andrew Lim

While many people will have their eyes firmly fixed on the Nokia N97 out at the Mobile World Congress next month, don't get too distracted by it -- Nokia is apparently also going to be announcing the E75.

On the face of it, the E75 isn't as cool as the N97 -- it doesn't have a touchscreen for starters -- but we love the E series and think this one's going to be a scorcher. The E series is all about keeping you connected and the E75 holds this credo to its very core.

On the front you get a relatively large screen and standard phone keypad, but hidden underneath is a full slide-out Qwerty keypad for messaging. Hook this up to Wi-Fi and HSDPA and you've got a messaging phone to be reckoned with.

Since launching the E71, Nokia has a seen a sudden surge in consumer demand for more 'business-style' handsets -- we've been supporters of the E series for a long time, so we're glad to see it finally go mainstream. The E75 and N97 will most likely be Nokia's best sellers this year, which makes us hope it decides to add the Comes With Music service to both handsets, so that we can download as much music as we like to them.

Expect to see the Nokia E75 in the UK in the next 5 months.

Image credit: s60blog.com.