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Nokia answers your burning Lumia 900 questions

Company press release answers FAQs about its Lumia 900 Windows Phone, including when you can get it in white.

Nokia Lumia 900
Josh Miller/ CNET

A software glitch and stock shortage amount to a rockier start than Nokia could have wanted for its flagship Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone. Today the company issued a press release via e-mail answering common inquiries about the device.

One of the most pressing questions is when the glossy white version will be available. The good news is: starting yesterday.

However, Lumia 900 handsets have reportedly been in short supply in some AT&T retail locations across the U.S. So if your online outlet or brick-and-mortar store is out of the phone in black, cyan, and white, you're still out of luck.

With shortages in mind, Nokia issued a statement that the company is "building and shipping devices constantly" in a continual effort to restock stores.

Many potential customers are justifiably concerned about the software data issue that affected handsets right out of the box, specifically, if the white handsets could be equally stricken. (CNET didn't experience this in our various review units.)

Nokia says that although the white handsets ship with the same firmware version number of the batch of phones with data connection issues, it is in fact different firmware than in the initial run. They recommend that your best bet is to update the firmware through the Zune desktop software when you first connect the phone to your computer.