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Nokia Android smartphone said to cost $110

The rumored low-cost smartphone, codenamed Normandy, is expected to debut later this month -- but its price has already popped up on an Vietnamese retail Web site.

Design mockups of Nokia's rumored Normandy phone.

While Nokia is expected to release an inexpensive Android smartphone sometime later this month, it's been unclear how much the device will cost. But new leaks show the price is said to be roughly $110, according to WMPoweruser.

The Nokia X A110, aka Nokia Normandy, aka Nokia X, appeared on the Web site of a Vietnamese online retailer, according to WMPoweruser. The retailer had the smartphone priced at about $110, it also had the Nokia Lumia 525 costing $160.

Rumors about this Nokia Android device have been floating around the Internet for the last couple of months. Reportedly, the smartphone, which is aimed at developing markets, will use the open-source Android operating system.

However, according to various reports, the device will not be able to access the Google Play app store. Instead, it will run services created by Nokia and Microsoft, including Here maps and Mix Radio. And, Nokia will offer its own app store with access to popular Android apps, such as Skype, Facebook, Twitter, and many others.

Nokia is scheduled to hold a press conference in Barcelona at the MWC trade show on February 24. It's believed the phone will be unveiled at this event.