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Nokia and Microsoft: What you're saying about the Windows Phone 7 match-up

Can the union of Nokia and Microsoft triumph over the mighty iPhone and all-conquering Android? We asked you what you thought of the Windows Phone 7 pairing.

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Richard Trenholm
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It's been a huge day for Nokia and Microsoft, joining forces to bring Windows Phone 7 to Nokia smart phones. Will this union be strong enough to triumph over the mighty iPhone and all-conquering Android? We turned to Twitter and Facebook to see what you think.

Bert Igbokwe reckons Nokia can become the dominant Windows Phone 7 manufacturer, as HTC is with Android, and produce "a dream phone in 2011". On Twitter, Mayank Shah puts it more succinctly: "Nokia Windows Phone 7 = Win".

Everybody's keen to see what kind of phones result from the deal. Liam Daly says, "It's a great idea. Nokia hardware tends to be fantastic but the OS lets it down. Windows Phone 7 is fantastic so win-win for both Nokia and Microsoft." Sean Gilligan agrees: "If Windows Phone 7 was on a Nokia N8 I would go out and buy one straight away."

Not everyone is impressed. Dean Shepherd says, "I do believe Nokia have shot themselves in the foot... why sign with JUST Microsoft?" AugusTyme worries that, "If WinPhone7 sinks, which is possible with 2 per cent marketshare, now so too will Nokia."

Andrew Palmer, the old cynic, can't see "why they chose Windows rather than Android, other than [Nokia boss] Stephen Elop used to work for Microsoft". Ian Lorenc ‎replies that he doesn't see "why Nokia didn't choose both Windows AND Android. Why not? HTC run both OS."

An anonymous commenter thinks Nokia has blown it: "Goodnight Nokia. Lacking focus and having too many platforms, they add another one? And a poor one at that." Meanwhile, Derrp Perry simply isn't bothered: "As soon as this iPhone contract expires I'm jumping on the Android train and never getting off."

But some Android users welcome the announcement. Alan0606 thinks, "All competition is good! Will just make Apple and Google raise their offerings to an even higher level."

The last word must go to Mark Anderson, an avid CNET UK reader and regular commenter with a deep devotion to Nokia -- until now. He's so devastated about the prospects for Symbian he's renouncing Nokia entirely: "I must have 'mug' tattood on my forehead or something. Ah well; ZTE Blade in pocket, N8 in sock drawer."

Are you excited about the deal -- or is this a bad move for all concerned? Tell us your thoughts in the comments, keep up with the latest gadget news and reviews on our Twitter feed, or get involved on our Facebook page.