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Nokia 8800 Aston Martin edition: Bling phone with a bling tone

The Nokia 8800 Aston Martin edition is a unique product considering that few supercar makers dabble in the mobile phone world, but like the cars it's hardly cheap

Aston Martin goes back as far as 1914 and is renowned as one of the greatest car manufacturers of all time. Even Jeremy Clarkson, a man not easy to please, rates the DB7 as one of the best looking cars ever. So if you wanted to buy a mobile phone that expressed the same level of build quality and style that Aston Martin has, you couldn't just go down to the nearest Carphone Warehouse.

You could, however, go straight to the Aston Martin Web site and pop into the 'Collection' section, where you'd find the Nokia 8800. It's not a new phone and it had us salivating when we first got our hands on it back in August last year, but the new makeover is mighty fine.

The Nokia 8800 Aston Martin edition includes a laser-etched Aston Martin logo on the front and the words Power, Beauty & Soul on the desk stand. There are Aston Martin wallpapers, screensavers and even a short video documentary about the company pre-installed on the phone. When the phone rings it will even sound like an Aston Martin V8 Vantage's 380 horsepower, V8 engine -- now that's a ringtone we can live with.

How much? Well, it's not cheap, it's not even reasonable and if you thought you might be able to pick one up on contract for free, do please think again. The Nokia 8800 Aston Martin edition costs a whopping £940, which is a shedload of cash if you consider that, without the Aston Martin touch, you can pick this phone up for free on contract. However, if you want that logo and screensaver combo bad enough there are no replacements, and compared to the £80,000 you're going to pay for a V8 Vantage, it's dinner money. -AL