Nokia 8600 Luna: Hands-on with the sexy snapper

Looking for a phone that will match your Savile Row suit? Check out the Nokia 8600 Luna, a glass-encased fashion phone with a hefty price tag

Andrew Lim

Not satisfied with your Lamborghini Diablo, Rolex watch and Ozwald Boateng suit? Then it's time you checked out the latest in fabulously expensive mobile phones, the Nokia 8600 Luna. This isn't just a phone -- it's a statement that you've got so much money you can drop £600 on a handset.

It's free on a whopping £45+ monthly contract from Carphone Warehouse but were you to buy it SIM-free, you would have to pay a stonking 60,000 of your hard-earned pennies. For that massive sum of money, you get a slick slider phone that features a very sexy glass front section.

It's a fairly hefty handset that weighs a substantial 142g, so it's not the most pocket-friendly device out there. Slide the 8600 up and you're presented with a rather awkward keypad layout that's obstructed at the top and bottom by the glass cover. This handset looks great but feels rather clunky.

When you slide it shut it makes a very loud snap that you might expect from a cheaper model, and the specs aren't as impressive as you might think. It only has a 2-megapixel camera and there's no 3G -- but then again, this is all about style and stylish it is. If you're all about the looks then have a gander. -Andrew Lim