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Nokia 800 press shots leak, comes in three colours

There's been another leak on the Windows Phone Mango handset: official press shots showing it'll come in black, blue and pink.

Nokia's new phone is turning out to be almost as badly kept a secret as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus or the Motorola Droid Razr. More info on the Nokia 800 has leaked onto the internet, this time in the shape of some official press shots, reports Pocketnow.

The shots provide the best look yet at the smart phone, while also revealing it'll come in three fetching colours.

The N800 will come in black, blue and pink -- the same options as the Meego-running N9. The power button and what looks like the one to activate the camera are on the right side of the phone along with the volume controls, and there's a speaker grille on the bottom.

There's also a rumoured release date of 15 November, which is just three weeks after its expected unveiling at Nokia World next week. The conference starts on 26 October in London, so expect full coverage on CNET UK.

Specs-wise, we're expecting a 3.7-inch screen on the 800 (which was codenamed 'Searay'), as well as Windows Phone Mango software -- the latest version of Microsoft's mobile OS. It has the same sleek curves as the N9, but the flash is in a different place on the back, so may not have the same 8-megapixel camera. But we'll have to wait and see.

The 800 will be Nokia's first phone running Microsoft's mobile OS, following the partnership announced by the two companies back in February. Nokia's Stephen Elop has mentioned since that we'll see the first Nokia-Microsoft handset before the end of the year, so that 15 November launch date could well be correct.

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