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Nokia 7310 Supernova: Less Oasis, more Madonna

Ever wondered what happened to the Nokia phones you could buy covers for? Nokia stopped making them, but now they're making a comeback

If you thought the days of fully exchangeable phone covers were over, think again, because the Nokia 7310 Supernova lets you jazz your phone up in a blue or pink case. Okay, it's not exactly the same as when you could buy a gazillion different cases, but it's a start we guess.

The 7310 is a slim Nokia phone that does the basics and even has a shiny screen that doubles up as a makeshift mirror. It boasts an FM radio, an MP3 player and up to 4GB of storage via a microSD card. Unfortunately there's no 3.5mm headphone jack, but you can buy a pair that fits a 2.5mm jack or use the ones in the box.

On the back of the 7310 you'll find a rudimentary 2-megapixel camera that doesn't have a flash, so don't expect great things in dark conditions. In fact, don't expect great things from the 7310 at all, but if you're looking for a reliable Nokia phone that lets you change its covers, this is a good deal. 'Supernova' might be overdoing it just a tad -- perhaps the Finns are revealing a hitherto unsuspected level of irony. You can currently buy the 7310 SIM-free for around £125. -Andrew Lim