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Nokia 6210 Navigator does the walking and talking

The Nokia 6210 Navigator cell phone debuts at GSMA (3GSM) 2008 with built-in GPS and pedestrian guidance.

Nokia 6210 Navigator
Nokia 6210 Navigator

Man, I could really use this cell phone right now. Today, along with a slew of other devices, Nokia introduced its Nokia 6210 Navigator phone at GSMA 2008. Like its predecessor, the Nokia 6110 Navigator, which was announced at 3GSM last year, the 6210 Navigator has built-in GPS (integrated and assisted) but adds the new Nokia Maps 2.0 application and an integrated compass for pedestrian guidance. There's also an accelerometer onboard to more accurately track your position on the map as you're walking around town. (Seriously, I wish I had this phone in hand right now as the streets of Barcelona can be confusing--though I've accidentally stumbled upon some cool spots through my wanderings.) The Nokia 6210 Navigator can also be used in the car, offering voice-guided turn-by-turn directions, points of interest, automatic route recalculations, and an included vehicle mount. Local maps are preloaded on an included memory card, and you can purchase additional cards preloaded with other destinations.

Now, while you could essentially use the Nokia 6210 solely as a handheld navigation device, part of the appeal is that it's also a cell phone. The quad-band mobile supports HSDPA and also features a slider design, a 3.2-megapixel camera, S60 software, and an MP3 player and built-in radio. The Nokia 6210 Navigator is expected to ship in the third quarter this year for around $435 unlocked.