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Nokia 6111: Too small to go on the big rides

Nokia has finally weaned itself off its diet of candybar phones with an unmistakable little slider, the Nokia 6111. Crave has been playing with the little devil and here's our verdict

When Samsung won the GSM Association's award for best mobile handset with its SGH-D500 last year, it sent the stern Finns at Nokia green with envy.

While Samsung's D500, now updated to the D600, got all the applause, Nokia desperately tried to update its designs with 'interesting' flip keyboards and handsets that popped out at you. Their phones flashed pretty colours, they played games and they came with extra plastic covers. Nothing worked.

Then, in a moment of genius, Nokia's handset designers decided to break away from the classic candybar design and take on Samsung at its own game. To Crave this seemed like Nokia's time had come. A Nokia phone that would be modern, cool -- and that didn't look like a harmonica.

Nokia's first flip phone, the 6101 was bulky, didn't have Bluetooth or a decent camera and it even sported an aerial... But we believed. So we hung on for the 6111.

The verdict? The Nokia 6111 is the first Nokia slider phone, and it's a definite improvement on the 6101. However, it looks a lot like a Nokia 6230 squashed into a Samsung D600, but without an expansion slot for extra memory and with a less impressive camera. 

It does have Bluetooth, it's got a decent 1-megapixel camera, it's got EDGE so you can download data faster on 2.5G networks, and it fits nicely in the pocket. But Morpheus isn't going to want one in the Matrix prequel. -AL