Nokia 3720 Classic beaten with golf club, dropped in pint, lives

Nokia has taken to torture like Jack Bauer and released a series of videos putting its first ruggedised phone through a series of violent encounters with water and hard surfaces

Flora Graham

We may not beat the crinoline out of our phones with a golf club, but we can imagine accidentally dropping it in a sink -- or even a pint. Nokia's decided to try out both phone-destroying events in a series of YouTube videos showing off its first ruggedised phone, the 3720 Classic.

You can also watch a fat man leave it in his pocket while he does a lap in a cold-looking pool, giving it a rugby punt on a typically gorgeous British day out, and dropping it on to concrete off a very tall ladder.

It's not strictly scientific -- we're not told if it's the same, unlucky phone, or a series of victims -- but we think it looks a deal less fake than the iPhone 3GS that survived a trip to the bottom of a pool. Nokia has gathered the vids together on its rugged phone blog page, where it swears they're genuine.

The 3720 Classic has yet to be officially announced, but the rumour from The Boy Genius Report says we can expect a water- and dust-resistant phone with an FM radio and a built-in torch, similar to Samsung's ruggedised phones, such as the B2700 Bound.