Everything Nokia announced at its MWC 2017 press conference

Nokia is back in the phone game, and this time it's got Android on board.

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A year ago, Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri promised a new generation of Nokia phones. Today, he made good on his word.

Nokia partnered with mobile startup HMD Global, a company made up of ex-Nokia employees, to announce four new phones on Sunday here at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

I say four new phones -- technically only two of them are brand new. The other two we've seen before in various guises. Let's break it down.

High on nostalgia, low on smarts was the revamped version of Nokia's classic 3310 feature phone. The 3310 has been given a makeover for 2017: It rocks a slimmer unibody design with a colour screen, a basic camera and a whopping 22 hours of battery life.

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The smartest phone HMD Global has developed so far is the Nokia 6, which has been on sale in China for a couple of months now. The Nokia 6 will now be coming to the rest of the world with some tweaks and better Google integration. There's also an "Arte Black Limited Edition" of the phone, which not only rocks a snazzy glossy finish, but has 64GB of storage -- twice that of the standard version -- and 4GB of RAM, up from 3GB on the Nokia 6.

As for the genuinely new phones, the Nokia 3 and Nokia 5, they're both Android-powered smartphones that fall between the 3310 and the Nokia 6, price- and features-wise.

Finally there was a little glimpse into what's to come from Withings, the French wearables and health tech company that Nokia snapped up last year. As of this summer, all existing Withings devices will be rebranded with the Nokia name and there will be an updated app, Nokia Health Mate, to accompany them.

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