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NoiseFree VoIP hushes the rabble on Skype, Yahoo, Google calls

NoiseFree VoIP's voice-canceling technology reduces outside noise on an Internet call, making voices clearer.

NoisFree VoIP logo

NoiseFree VoIP has just launched a fresh all-software solution to those often noisy VoIP calls. Skype, Yahoo Messenger with Voice, and Google Talk are great ways to save money on long distance, but if you're calling anywhere near civilization, you're bound to get interference. A noisy line can undo the advantage of free Internet calls.

Until December 31, 2007, NoiseFree VoIP is offering a free beta of its noise-canceling software to registered users. I gave it a go at CTIA (coverage), and was impressed with the demo. There was noticeable improvement in call quality when I toggled the software on and off, though the background buzz in the busy room didn't and couldn't have faded completely.

NoiseFree VoIP launches as a window that detects when you use VoIP. It doesn't add on to or interfere with your voice program of choice, operating invisibly. The app window can be set to start with Windows or with a browser launch. It minimizes to the system tray and can be called on for a few very minor tweaks.

NoiseFree VoIP is Windows XP and Vista-ready. Download NoiseFree VoIP for free from CNET Download.com.