No Way Home brings space exploration to Apple Arcade

Explore a procedural universe unique to you.

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Oscar Gonzalez

No Way Home makes its way to Apple Arcade. 

SMG Studio

No Way Home is the latest game for Apple Arcade. Developed by SMG Studio, the space shooter gives players a universe to explore and plenty of weapons to take on aliens with. 

In No Way Home, players start off in an unknown procedurally generated universe that is unique to them. They'll have to make their way through space in their ship and meet aliens, fight against epic bosses with more than 50 kinds of weapons and try to survive. 

No Way Home is available for Apple Aracde subscribers via the App Store Friday. 

Apple Arcade is the company's game subscription service. For $4.99 a month, subscribers can play more than 100 exclusive games on their iPhone , iPad or Apple TV with some games making their way to the Mac.