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No more watered down Web

US company Skyfire begin beta testing for their mobile Web browser promising the "real" Web on your phone.

YouTube awesome-ness on your mobile Credit: Skyfire

This announcement seems to have been a long time coming.

US company Skyfire is about to begin beta testing of its Skyfire mobile Web browser which promises to bring the "real" Web to Windows Mobile devices, with a view to a release for Symbian OS phones down the track.

Skyfire will be able to play Flash content like streaming video and audio; it also supports Java, advanced AJAX and Quicktime Web content. No more crappy Youtube Mobile as Skyfire will give you access to as many narcoleptic puppies and Japanese game shows as your heart desires, plus the ability to stream Internet radio, like LastFM.

Best of all, Skyfire promises to do all of the above at speeds "faster than any mobile Web browser you've ever used". We're not entirely sure how they plan to achieve this but fingers crossed that it's the truth.

Before you start clamouring to become a beta tester, access will only be available to US residents. Looks like Aussies will have to wait for the final release to test out the "real" Web on their mobile, which will hopefully give mobile carriers enough time to lower the data charges in Australia enough to make the "real" Web a cost effective prospect.