No more emailing yourself photos: Windows 10 beta update mirrors your Android gallery

Microsoft announced the feature at Build, and you can try it now.

Sean Hollister Senior Editor / Reviews
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Sean Hollister

For years now, Microsoft has been experimenting with ways to let you seamlessly pick up on your Windows PC from where you left off on a phone. Recently, that's generally just meant sending links to your PC's web browser.

But as announced at Microsoft's Build developer conference, the company's planning to let you share much much more between a phone and a PC with the Your Phone app for Android and iOS -- and today, a new Windows Insider Update (Build 17728) will let you test out those additional options for the first time on Android.


Most notably, Microsoft says that your Android phone's most recent photos will sync to your Windows PC automatically with this update installed. "You can finally stop emailing yourself photos," said Windows Insider Program head Dona Sarkar, in an official blog post.

Which is a thing I already do with Google Photos and any web browser of my choice... but perhaps Google Photos isn't for you. 

Just know that these features won't roll out to the safe, stable release of Windows 10 until later this fall. You'll have to opt into the "fast ring" (here's how) to get them today.